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Rénovation de cuisine

To start your project effectively


There are two ways to start planning your project :

  • The long process
  • The short process

For large commercial construction sites, the long process is often preferable, but for residential extension or interior renovations, the short process is much more beneficial.

Short process

Construction Max Larocque

Total process time = about 2 and 1/2 months

With the short process, there is no fees and you are quickly informed about a realistic budget for your project. This therefore allows you to better target your expectations and needs before moving forward with plans and specifications.

Long process

Independent architect

Total process time = about 6 months

With the long process, you embark on an uncertain, long and expensive process before even having an accurate estimate of the costs of realization.

Comparison of the process steps

The drifts of the long process

Many less experienced homeowners mistakenly believe that the long process (commercial) also applies for residential renovations and that it is the right way to go. They then embark on a long, costly and uncertain adventure.

Architects almost always underestimate renovation costs. They use per square feet price charts established for new constructions and larger-scale renovation. 

Then follows a long estimation process where the design precedes the cost and has to be readjusted for months according to the reality and the budget of the customers. After selling unrealistic ideas to his clients, the architect is then in catch-up mode, where he struggles to correct his cost estimation errors.

La bonne façon est tout le contraire. On se base sur le budget du client et sur l’estimation juste des coûts de rénovation pour proposer aux propriétaires un design et des matériaux adaptés à leurs besoins et leur budget de manière réaliste.


The right way to renovate

The first step to any renovation project is to establish a budget. Without an initial budget, it is easy to get lost in daydreaming and “why not” that can derails your project and budget. 

Our team is expert in cost estimation and can help you outline your budget with a professional, yet realistic design. 

This approach is simpler and much faster. Depending on the need, our estimation and interior design team works in collaboration with professionals (architects and engineers) to establish from the start a concept that holds up to meet both your needs and your budget.

Making the right choice of products

As we are the specialist in residential materials, we can verify product availability during the project planning. This thus avoid to have to find replacements products, that are sometimes disappointing, at the last minute.


Likewise, facing the multitude of products that appear on the market and disappear the following year, we can guide our customers in choosing sustainable products to avoid choices that would prove unfortunate.


Our design team is able to offer you, among others, the following PLANS and SPECIFICATIONS:


  • Implematation plans
  • Layout and design plans
  • Construction and demolition plans
  • Electrical plans
  • Finishes plans
  • Walls cut
  • Plans and elevations (cabinetmaking, integrated furniture)
  • Perspectives and 3D modeling

Any other plans, elevation, details or specifications required

Precise specifications and detailed plans

To ensure the quality of our works, our technical team prepares the plans and specifications required for your project.

In addition, we proceed to an update of your plans and specifications each time a change occurs. Whether it is because you changed your mind for the color of your ceramic or because you want to take the opportunity to add some other work, this allows us to ensure that all workers have an up-to-date copy of the plans and specifications in order to avoid errors that could occur otherwise.

Our experience at your service

With 35 years of experience in estimation, planning and home improvement in the Montreal area, we have built our reputation on the satisfaction of our customers who do not hesitate to recommend us to their friends.

Our integrated design-build team puts its expertise at your service to achieve your residential projects quickly and pleasantly.


Contact us before taking action !

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