Because of the Covid-19 containment situation, many people have been forced to rethink the way they work. The number of workers having to adapt to telework is now higher than ever and it is a safe bet to say that this is only the beginning of the shift towards remote work.

We will see many proposals and tips emerge in order to develop a workplace at home that will meet the new needs of this growing clientele.

When possible, a room entirely dedicated as the office will be favored, as it will allow a better concentration, away from the distractions of the rest of the household. However, in many cases, it is sadly impossible to sacrifice an entire room for an office.

In those cases, the layout needs to be rethink in order to integrate the office area to the rest of the house. In order to adapt to the available space, it will be important to choose elements that will fit well together and that will not create any wasted space.

Office corner in the living room

The living room is probably the room where there is the most space available to set up your office area. By rethinking the layout, it is sometimes possible to free up enough space to install a standard office desk. For smaller spaces, it is possible to transform a bookcase or a storage unit into an office or simply attach a shelf to the wall to work on.

Work space in the kitchen

The kitchen can be a practical space for your office since it is usually one of the brightest rooms in the house. By redesigning the space, it is often possible to add a small dedicated corner for your office.

You can also take this opportunity to refresh your kitchen.

Office in the bedroom

The bedroom is a nice alternative for those seeking tranquility. This more secluded and peaceful room will promote concentration. Being a closed room, it offers you the possibility of being completely away from the activities of the household.

Working space under the stairs

Often misused or used for storage, the space under the stairs is to be considerate when installing an office area. You will be peaceful in addition to maximizing every corner of the house!

Work corner in a wardrobe

For tight spaces, even a simple wardrobe can be fitted into an office area. You only have to close its doors to make everything disappear.

Whether you want to convert an existing room into an office, add an enlargement or simply review the space available, we can help you create the perfect place that will allow you to have a pleasant and productive telecommuting.