How to proceed to a videoconference meeting

That’s it ! You have finally completed the first step toward the realization of your project and you have reserved a videoconference session to meet our team, get answers to your questions and above all have your project evaluated in order to receive a free quotation.

But how does it work?

In order to give you more options, we offer two possible platforms for the call. You can choose between the Facebook Messenger app or the Skype app depending on what suits you best. In both cases, you will receive an email inviting you to follow a link.

For Messenger:

The link will direct you to the Facebook profile of the technician that will take care of your project; you simply have to send him/her a request to add it to your friends list. You will then be added by our technician and (s)he will contact you on the agreed date and time.

For Skype :

The link will take you to Skype. You will need to log in or create an account (free). Once in your account simply add the technician that will take care of your project by using the profile identification code attached in the email. Our technician will then contact you at the agreed date and time.

For those not familiar with videoconferencing, do not worry, it is also possible to proceed by telephone.

How to prepare for the meeting?

In order to be able to provide you with an accurate quotation, we have to be able to assess the location. The use of a cell phone is therefore recommended because it will allow you mobility during videoconferencing. When this is not possible, it will be essential to send us video(s), photos and / or any other documents that can help us to visualize the places.

Plan or sketch of your project would also be very useful.

The goal is to help us understand your expectations and your needs, so we need a complete picture of the situation.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with our new online services or to book your session today!