Turnkey design and renovation

4 good reasons to take advantage!

Don’t neglect space design!

When it comes to home renovation, space design isn’t just about choosing materials and colors. It’s a complex creative process that takes into account customer needs, the existing building, working conditions, style and effect, lighting, budget and many other factors. With space design, the Max Larocque Construction team guides you through every step of the renovation process.

4 good reasons to consult us

1- Make a good investment

It’s important to choose the work and materials wisely, so that renovating your home becomes a good investment rather than an unnecessary expense. It’s a crucial step in space design. Our consulting service knows the materials and current trends that will make your work an optimal choice for your needs and budget.



2- Save a lot of time

It’s easy to underestimate the amount of time spent in meetings and trips to various specialist stores to get a complete picture of a project. Our showroom and design department present all materials and catalogs for interior and exterior finishes, flooring, cabinets and countertops, roofing, doors and windows, sanitaryware, hardware, staircases, etc., all in one place. Everything to optimize space design. This makes it easy to coordinate shapes, colors, finishes and textures without wasting endless time on travel. All at no extra charge.

3- Get what you really want.

Our showroom, product samples and catalogs make it easy for you to appreciate our products before they are installed in your home. The ability to see materials in real life allows you to make the right choices and proceed with optimal space design. Our designer’s plans and sketches allow you to visualize them in the context of your project. Unlike other specialized showrooms, which feature only a few of today’s hottest products, we have examples of many styles in our completed projects that can be adapted to your home.



4- Avoid construction site problems

Good renovation management always starts with good planning and good space design. Our in-house design consultancy works in collaboration with our estimating and construction team. In this way, we can anticipate problems before they arise, and avoid predictable cost overruns and longer construction times. One-stop catalogs for interior and exterior finishes, floor coverings, cabinets and countertops, roofing, doors and windows, sanitaryware, hardware, stairs, etc. This makes it easy to coordinate shapes, colors, finishes and textures without wasting endless time on travel. All at no extra charge.

Site supervision

Solution approach

space design Max Larocque Construction

I wanted to have my kitchen renovated. So I set about finding an interior designer. She drew up the plans for my dream kitchen! Then, I requested a few quotes from general contractors andwas really impressed with Max Construction’s approach. Their advice regarding theimpact on my home’s value of renovating to my designer’s plan could have made my house unsellable and caused me a great financial loss. Not to mention the impact on building regulations. A big thank you to Max Larocque Construction, I recommend them to everyone!

Johanne Thibault

Max Construction customer

Take advantage of our turnkey design and renovation service today!

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Come and see us! Our in-house design-consulting department has the resources, the expertise and the determination to do everything in its power to ensure that the result meets your expectations. Visit our showroom at the same time.

Turnkey design from A to Z



Our design department specializes in bathrooms, kitchens, extensions and conversions, and works to create plans that are perfectly up to standard and in line with your aesthetic expectations.


Our design-build service controls costs from the outset, in line with your budget, to ensure a smooth construction process.


All work is carried out by our own qualified staff, so that we can maintain control over quality and deadlines. A complete service for turnkey projects!



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