The Process

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From dream to reality

To go from dream to reality, there are several steps to take, all of which are crucial to achieving your goals. As soon as you contact us, our team of professionals will take care of you and guide you through your project.

Whether you’re at the very beginning of your project or already have your plans and specifications, our cost estimating and construction management experts will help you complete your project quickly and hassle-free.

We work as a team with our customers from start to finish… and even afterwards!

To get an accurate picture of the situation and be efficient in the design process, it’s important to visit the site. For the first meeting, we meet our customers at their property. We then provide a project outline, cost estimate and contractual documentation.

Stage 1

Define your needs, requirements and budget

If you want your project to be just like you, you must first establish your needs and requirements. At this stage, our role is to listen carefully to your requirements and make sure that they are technically feasible and affordable. If the cost of the work is beyond your budget, we can suggest modifications to match your needs and budget.

2nd stage

Plans and specifications

Once the sketch and budget (our quote) have been accepted, our design team prepares the plans and specifications. This documentation is required to apply for a permit from the municipality. Armed with these documents, our customers can apply for permits themselves, or leave it to us to take care of the paperwork with the municipal authorities. Construction Max Larocque has completed over 1,500 projects. We put our experience at the service of our customers to offer them solutions that will satisfy their requirements.

Construction Max Larocque has completed over 1,500 projects. We put our experience at the service of our customers to offer them solutions that will satisfy their requirements.

Stage 3

Design and product selection

While we wait for permits to be issued, our design team welcomes you to our showroom to choose your finishing materials.

We’ve selected a wide range of products, samples and catalogs from many local and international manufacturers, so you don’t have to waste valuable time visiting suppliers scattered around the region.

Whether it’s ceramics, faucets, quartz countertops, woodwork, stairs or flooring, you’ll find it all in one place, and we’ll quickly check the availability of your choices.

Once the products have been chosen, we update the plans and specifications, which will enable us to set the final bid price and enter the production stage as quickly as possible.


Stage 4


As soon as the municipality issues the permit, we’re in a position to get the project up and running quickly.

Before starting any project, we establish a production schedule and billing sequence with our customers. This sequence is generally 15% on signature, 10% on completion of the work and the remainder spread over a few significant stages depending on the work. Payments are made in instalments as work progresses.


To ensure quality work

Construction Max LarocqueFirst, an experienced carpenter is responsible for the entire project, from start to finish. This ensures excellent coordination between the various parties involved, compliance with plans and specifications, and respect for our customers’ requirements (non-smoking house, small details, pets, etc.).

Secondly, our site manager visits the site every day and checks the work carried out. This second level of monitoring enables us to have the right resource at the right time, to predict the final results in advance, and to adjust the work as required in line with our customers’ demands. After many years’ experience, we know that double-checking reduces the likelihood of errors and service calls. Above all, it ensures customer satisfaction.

For permanent cleanliness

A clean and tidy worksite is a guarantee of safety and efficiency. Thanks to our trailers, we can ensure that our worksites are always clean, and materials are delivered just before they are needed, so as not to clutter up the site. At the end of the work, our maintenance team takes charge of the complete cleaning of the premises to remove the last traces of the work.

For a team of professionals at your service

During production, changes are sometimes required to the original plans. Thanks to our in-house drawing service, we can quickly make adjustments so that production workers always have a copy of the latest drawings.

Would you like to get involved?

We offer you the possibility of taking over certain jobs, such as painting or stripping.

Before / During / After

We also have an after-sales service unit to respond quickly and efficiently to your requests.



By way of example, here are some of the documents you may receive when working on a project with Les Constructions Max Larocque inc.



Power of attorney

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