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Renovating ? Be careful with the structure

The stability of the floor structure and interior walls is essential to ensure long-lasting interior finishing work. Do not start any renovation without first ensuring a good structural support for your works.
Joists that are too weak will cause the ceramic to crack, too thin plywood will crack a hardwood floor, a beam that is too weak, or walls that are weakened by the passage of a duct will crack the plasterboard (gyproc), etc.
With an experienced and accredited general contractor, you are assured that your work will be compliant and long lasting.

Find inspiration for your dream home by exploring some of the projects we have realized!

Increasing space from the inside?

In the majority of interior renovations, be it kitchen, bathroom, living room or other, we must often rethink the physical arrangment of the adjacent rooms.
A better distribution of the interior can sometimes make the same space more functional. Our design-building team is there to find you customized solutions to meet your needs and your budget.

Our transformation projects

1- Mercier : Adding a mezzanine to a condo

We added this mezzanine to the roof of a condominium building. Part of the new mezzanine has allowed us to raise the ceiling of the dining room and to better integrate the new living room on the mezzanine level. The new living space has allowed a complete reorganization of the existing level to make it more pleasant.

Bring in more light
The addition of the mezzanine has allowed more natural light to enter the condo by adding windows to the mezzanine area.
Our team of experts in design, estimation and construction managed to find the right solution to the lack of space and light according to the budget of the owners.

2- Rosemont : Unifying the space from the bottom up

We created this transparent central staircase as part of a conversion from a duplex to a cottage. Composed of wood, steel and glass, this staircase has become the central architectural element of this project.

Harmonizing floors
The staircase has been designed to visually connect the floors and harmonize their finishing materials. In this case we proposed the owners to opt for modernity and transparency to create a staircase that does not block the natural light.

This project is a good example of a transformation of an existing building with a contemporary update of its interior design.

3- Villeray : Converting a duplex into a cottage – Domus Finalist

Given the small number of single-family homes in some of Montreal neighborhoods, it is sometimes better to buy a small duplex and to turn it into a cottage. Converting a duplex into a cottage is usually easy to do, but sometimes requires more complex work.

Respecting the yesteryear hallmark
As part of this duplex to cottage conversion project, the homeowners chose to change the interior design to meet their needs. The first floor staircase’s renovation required significant amount work. In this type of project, we must also respect the requirements of the city of Montreal. Who quite often accepts conversions inside, but who are very reluctant about outside transformation. In many cases we need to preserve the appearance of the original duplex

A good coordination of our design and construction teams made it possible to modify the premises while respecting the character of this old building and to meet the requirements of the municipality.


4- Rosemont : Transforming a multiplex into condominiums – Domus Finalist

The new owners of this multi-unit building wanted to turn it into condominiums. They chose to redo both the exterior and the interior while keeping the vintage charm of the property.

Paying attention to details
You have to consider many details when you want to give an impression of authenticity to an old building. We made stained glass windows for the front windows, wooden balconies dyed with carved lace pattern as well as curved metalwork for railings. Inside, the finishes were inspired by the original building.

The owners have benefited of our renovation expertise to replace all the windows and redo the walls and ceilings insulation. Thus the building’s energy efficiency is ensured for a very long time.

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5- Saint-Lambert : Creating brightness

The multiplication of interior partitions darkens the rooms of a house. In the case of this complete renovation project we proposed the owners to chose bigger windows to allow more natural light and to build a new staircase that would not block the light.

Choice of materials and contemporary design
White is the go to in contemporary architecture. It enlarges the space while reflecting more light. The steel staircase with its wooden steps emphasizes the contemporary character of the interior design while being a central architectural element to this contemporary style layout.

This project included many other works where our expertise was solicited. We have, among other things, modified the rear roof and redone the kitchen with a large island covered with a quartz countertop. The kitchen space as the rest of the house was designed to accommodate many guests.

6- Ville Mont-Royal : A major renovation for comfort and economy

In this project, we completely redid the exterior of the cottage including the insulation of the walls and the roof.

Correcting two problems
LThe cottage’s roof had a recurring condensation problem in winter (icicle). This is a common problem for this type of roof where insulation and ventilation are deficient. In addition, this low insulation of the walls and roof made the house uncomfortable in winter. We have suggested that homeowners correct both condensation and discomfort issues by re-roofing and insulating properly walls and roofs. They also took the opportunity to improve the appearance of the building that really needed it.

The following winter, they saw an improvement in their comfort while enjoying a reduction in their heating costs.


7- Saint-Léonard : An open interior concept

Homeowners are increasingly asking for open interior concept. Removing interior partitions is not as easy as it seems. In addition to the changes to the structure, one must think of services, ceilings and floors. This requires good aesthetic and technical planning.

Difficulties to foresee
Some walls carry the weight of the ceiling and others do not support any weight. We must first identify the load-bearing ones because they will have to be replaced by a system of beams and columns. Partitions are often traversed by electrical wiring, plumbing or ventilation ducts. We must plan their relocation and it is sometimes very problematic. Finally, the removal of partitions creates holes in floors and can affect the aesthetics of ceiling moldings.

Our design, estimation and construction experts have many years of experience in this field and can advise homeowners before they undertake expensive or inappropriate construction work.



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