The Réno-Maître banner: for a professional renovator

The Réno-Maître banner: for a professional renovator

Established in 2002 by the APCHQ, the Réno-Maître banner brings together professionals recognized for their experience, their credibility and their competences.


Réno-Maitre is a group of renovation contractors who certify the professionalism of its members. It is not enough for a contractor to pay to be admitted to the Réno-Maître program. It is rigorously selected for his performances and its works are regularly monitored.

A rigorous selection

To be selected under the Réno-Maître banner, the contractor must:

• Have a proven positive experience in is field
• Possess the financial and administrative resources to achieve its projects
• Satisfy the expectations of their customers
• Commit to do honest business with clients
• Provide courteous and polite service to clients
• Ensure the satisfaction of each of its customers during and after the work
• Keep the site reasonably clean and prevent any accumulation of unusable materials
• Maintain adequate liability insurance for the work to be performed
• Deliver the works on the agreed date or according to the schedule
• Explain to customers the product warranties offered and provide them with the appropriate technical documentation
• Perform the work mentioned to the Contract in accordance with federal, provincial, municipal laws and other regulations
• Use contracts that comply with applicable laws, including a complete description and a detailed assessment of the work that will be performed
• Ensure the health and safety on the site, during all the works in accordance with the legislation in force

Our accreditation

Constructions Max Larocque Inc. has been accredited to the Réno-Maitre banner since 2002.