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Planning your home expansion

Any home expansion project requires proper planning of space and costs. A home extension is a complex process involving spatial planning, regulations and choices of building techniques. Construction Max Larocque offers a specialized and experienced team in home expansion that will recommend you the best solutions for your needs and your budget.

Find inspiration for your dream home by exploring some of the projects we have realized!

Make a good investment

House extensions are relatively expensive projects. This investment can be profitable or regrettable on a financial point of view. Indeed, an expansion project that is poorly integrated to the main building or too expensive for the overall value of the property will be a bad investment. Your renovation contractor’s experience in home extensions is essential to avoid unnecessary work and to optimize the design. In general, the less you intervene on the existent structure the more profitable the project is, but sometimes you have to avoid the too simplistic solutions that will not allow your home to reach its full potential. We are here to help you do the right choices.

Our home extensions projects

1- Hochelaga : Creating an intimate layout in an urban neighborhood

We realized the complete renovation of this 1930s cottage. The decompartmentalization of the first floor has created a large multifunctional space, with an oversized patio door open to the backyard.

An extension that increases intimacy
To preserve the privacy of the occupants, an extension was built in the courtyard and was connected to the existing house by a bridge on the second floor. A high lateral wood fence also preserves the privacy of the yard.

We realized this exceptional project in a resolutely contemporary style, in a densely populated neighborhood, demonstrating that it is possible to preserve intimacy in the city.

2- Outremont : An extension that makes all the difference – Domus Finalist

This large duplex had several large rooms, except for the kitchen which was very small. Our guests needed more space to integrate an office and dining space in the kitchen. They also wanted an outdoor area to be able to eat in privacy. A house enlargement was needed.

A well-integrated lateral house expansion
We did a side enlargement while creating an alcove in the center. The extension is a natural extension of the existing house and even rebalances the aesthetics of the building.

Our solution has made it possible to meet the needs of the client while improving the exterior appearance while still respecting the original architecture.


3- Ville Saint-Laurent : A cleverer extension – Domus Finalist

This cottage had already a side extension, but its dimensions were too small to accommodate a garage on the first floor as well as a living room and a full bathroom on the second floor. As this addition was of poor quality, we had to demolish it to rebuild a more appropriate extension that met the needs of the owners without having any impact on the use of the back garden.

Improving confort
The outer shell of the building has been completely redone, taking care to improve the insulation and sealing of walls, roof and windows. We suggested our customers a hydronic heated floor, since the existing heating system was working on hot water. This type of radiant heating has greatly improved the comfort of the occupants.

A well-thought-out extension remains a good investment and source of well-being for homeowners who want to stay there for more than twenty-five years.

Profitez d’un confort optimal toute l’année

Profitez d’un confort optimal toute l’année

L’été approche à grands pas, et avec lui viennent les températures élevées qui peuvent rendre nos espaces de travail inconfortables. Chez Constructions Max Larocque, nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer une solution pour garder votre environnement frais et agréable : nos services professionnels pour le déplacement ou l’ajout de thermopompe…

Nouvelle Année, Nouvelle Flotte

Nouvelle Année, Nouvelle Flotte

À partir de février 2024, la flotte de Construction Max Larocque fera un bond vers la durabilité en adoptant une flotte 100% électrique.

Les salles de bain du futur

Les salles de bain du futur

Les salles de bain deviendront plus futuristes que jamais grâce aux avancées technologiques et à l’innovation. Voici un aperçu des caractéristiques.

4- Ville d’Anjou: Transforming a bungalow into a cottage  – Domus Finalist

After the successive arrival of their three children, the owners of this typical bungalow were very cramped. They had the choice to move out or to build a second floor. As they loved their neighborhood, they chose the second solution.

Our challenge : building with the occupants on site
Adding a floor on a property while keeping the house functional is a big challenge for the work management because it is still needed to intervene on the ground floor for the realization of a staircase and the services connections in addition to the other works.

Our design and construction team met this challenge with flying colors and the result was worth it.


5- Rivière-des-Prairies : Add an entrance that highlights the house

The owners of this cottage dreamed of a more functional entrance for their home that would make both guests more comfortable and would make storage easier.

Our challenge: creating a welcoming and dynamic façade
The entrance is a very important architectural element of a house because it welcomes incoming visitors. Adding a new entrance can harm the architectural balance of the facade or on the contrary come to support the aesthetics of the whole.

Our approach of the design has energized the facade with a contemporary style while perfectly meeting the needs expressed by our customers.

6- Mercier : A new cottage integrated with the neighborhood architecture

We added a full floor on a 1950s bungalow, typical of this neighborhood. Like many homeowners, they and their children were attached to their home, their neighborhood, and especially their school. But they badly needed extra space.

An architecture well integrated with the neighborhood
The addition of an extra floor radically transforms the look of a home. In this neighborhood with relatively homogeneous residential architecture we proposed a traditional design integrating the street rather than a contemporary architecture that would have been incompatible with it. The owners were delighted.

Our design and construction team always seeks to advise our clients as friends, but the final choice is always theirs.


7- Notre-Dame-de-Grâce : Expending above the garage

For the expansion of this semi-detached cottage built in the 50s with a garage on the side, the addition of a floor on the garage was befitting. The owners needed to add a living room.

Our design solution
We created a stair landing in the middle of the existing staircase to give access to the new living room above the garage. For the exterior design, we made the new roof a little lower than the existing one to minimize the visual impact of the addition. By covering it with the same brick cladding, it fits naturally into the house.

Thanks to a good coordination of the various collaborators for the structure, the design, the permits and estimation, our design-build team was able to carry out this project to the satisfaction of the owners.

8- Mercier : Expending on a very limited space – Domus Finalist

This semi-detached 50s cottage had a very little space available for an extension and the owners wanted to add a dining room, expand the living room and increase storage. A priori, all that seemed difficult with their restricted terrain.

Our solution: a lateral extension with a basement
Our designer proposed to move the living room in the extension, which allowed to expand the dining room. The basement under the extension serves as additional storage to meet the needs of homeowners.

As a bonus, this extension created an interesting volume on a wall that was of little interest while giving more privacy in the backyard.

9- Outremont : Changing an old veranda into a comfortable extension – Domus Finalist

The owners of this semi-detached cottage built in the 1940s asked us to turn their veranda into a usable year-round room. The back wall was also in poor condition and the yard was not of much use.

The back yard transformation
The conversion of the veranda into a habitable glazed room has completely changed the use of this room and the courtyard. This room is now very comfortable and opens onto a beautiful landscape. A wide staircase invites people to go down to the patio and the pool or to sit there to hang out a bit. A cedar fence was also installed to create more privacy.

Our team has also transformed the interior of the house by removing some division to visually enlarge the space and by renovating the kitchen to improve functionality and bring it up to the current tastes.

10- Ville d’Anjou : A new well integrated garage

Before adding the garage, the existing house had its main entrance on the side. The owners wanted to move the entrance to the front of the house to add the garage.

Our challenge: integrating the front garage
When building this addition, our challenge was to respect the original style of the house so that the extension and new the main door would not be seen as an addition.

We are proud of the end result which is pleasing to the eye and perfectly integrated to the existing home.



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