Our mission, our vision, our values

Our mission, our vision, our values

In order to protect the public, the RBQ’s mission is to ensure :

  • The quality of the works and the safety of buildings and facilities
  • The professional qualification
  • The integrity of the contractors and owner-builders.

The RBQ fulfills its mission by regulating construction, safety and professional qualification standards. It monitors the standards application through investigations and verifications, by applying the remedies provided by law for infractions and by putting in place financial guarantees to protect consumers. The RBQ is also recognized as an inspection and verification organization for quality control programs of pressure vessels.

Our vision

The RBQ invests in the practice of a mobilizing leadership. It wants to take concrete action to increase awareness of her distinctive skills and accomplishments with citizens. It is in this spirit that she has articulated her new vision : The RBQ : the reference for quality and safe buildings and facilities.

Our values

RBQ history and status

Established in 1992, the RBQ is present throughout Quebec thanks to the numerous points of service it has. Its head office is in Montreal.

Acting under the responsibility of the Ministre responsable du Travail, the RBQ has the status of a non-budgetary body. Thus, it finances its expenses from autonomous sources of revenue. However, it remains subject to the Public Service law and to the Government Budget Management Framework.

The RBQ fully adheres to the ethical values ​​of the Québec public administration. Thus, the competence of the staff must be enhanced and developed. In his duties, the staff must apply the rules impartially. It must give citizens and stakeholders all the information to which they are entitled. Employees must demonstrate integrity and avoid any situation of conflict or apparent conflict between their personal interest and their responsibilities. Finally, they must respectfully treat citizens and stakeholders and represent the RBQ with loyalty.

The importance of the quality of the service is another essential value for the RBQ. The staff must therefore have a constant concern for the construction quality and for the public safety. Through actions and decisions, it must contribute to reduce the risks to which citizens are exposed. By offering high-level, accessible and user-friendly expertise services, the RBQ helps them to be well informed about their rights and the good security practices. By the same token, it also helps licensees, professionals and owners to properly assume their responsibilities.