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Contemporary or classic design

Our interior designers can create contemporary concepts at the cutting edge of today’s design, or propose a more classic approach to integrating your home’s existing architecture. Our knowledge of old and new products enables you to make informed choices.

Interior design is free with our renovation services!

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We take charge of your project’s design

Interior design support ensures that every renovation project is well organized, and that all the elements necessary for the project to run smoothly are validated before the renovation work begins.

We work with you throughout the design process to optimize your investment in terms of the new products available and the layout possibilities within your home’s existing constraints. This support begins at the first meeting and continues right through to the end of the project.

Our passion for interior design means that we see every project as a challenge, where we have to reconcile all the parameters to make it a success. Our ultimate goal is your short- and long-term satisfaction. Quality design guarantees lasting beauty.

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A la carte services to meet your needs

Located in Montreal, our personalized residential interior design service adapts to your requirements and needs. We offer a range of services that reduce the number of people you need to talk to, so you can maintain good communication and get the job done smoothly. Our services can include :

  • Measurement and needs analysis
  • Preliminary layout designs
  • Sourcing of materials, fixtures and finishes
  • Specification and ordering of materials
  • Complete technical drawings
  • 3D renderings
  • Coloring
  • Order tracking and materials delivery
  • Site supervision

Our interior design projects

1- Hochelaga The ultra-modern kitchen: design with finesse

It’s hard to imagine that this ultra-modern kitchen and space was created in a 1930s cottage. The kitchen renovation is part of a complete cottage renovation we carried out.

A multifunctional open space

Decompartmentalizing the first floor created a large, multi-functional open space that opens onto the backyard through an oversized patio door, providing views, ventilation and lots of natural light. With all this open space, the owners now feel comfortable inviting family and friends over for entertaining.

2- Hochelaga: Creating an intimate setting in an urban neighborhood

We completely renovated this 1930s cottage. By opening up the first floor, we created a large, multi-purpose open space with an oversized patio door opening onto the backyard.

An extension that enhances privacy

To preserve privacy, an extension was built in the backyard and connected to the existing house by a second-floor walkway. A high wooden side fence also preserved the privacy of the courtyard.

This exceptional project, with its resolutely contemporary style, was carried out in a densely populated neighborhood, demonstrating that it is possible to preserve privacy in the city.

3- Anjou: A kitchen reinvented for entertaining

The kitchen of this single-family home was separated from the living room by a load-bearing wall that limited interaction between the dining room and the living room. In addition, the kitchen had little counter space and its design dated back several decades.

The owners wanted to enlarge their kitchen to make it more functional, and open it up to the living space so they could interact with their children and grandchildren while they cooked. To achieve this, the load-bearing wall had to be removed.

A remarkable metamorphosis

The main challenge of the project was to remove the load-bearing wall without adding support to the basement. After discussions with our designer, our technical department came up with the optimum solution.

The kitchen, dining room and living room now share a vast, light-filled space. The cold ceramic floor in the kitchen was replaced by hardwood, and the latter was extended to the dining room to unify the space. With its multifunctional island and warm, practical materials, the new kitchen is more pleasant and efficient.

Having said that, the owners especially appreciate being able to invite their families in to share lively, convivial meals.


4- Rosemont : A modern, contemporary harmony – Domus finalist

Kitchen renovation in Montreal

This kitchen renovation was created for the new owners of a duplex apartment. Its design is a happy marriage of noble and industrial materials. Stainless steel combines with marble countertops, white glazed tile backsplash and painted wood cabinets to create a bright, practical environment. Drawers have been installed under the island for easy access.

Removing a load-bearing wall

A section of load-bearing wall was replaced with a laminated wood beam and columns, including steel hardware. All was left exposed to match the new kitchen. Our team was able to complete all the kitchen renovation work between the purchase of the duplex and the arrival of the new owners in their home with their children.

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5- Hochelaga: An Italian-style bathroom for the 21st century

This uncluttered, unusual bathroom remains highly functional. The Italian-style shower is an interesting concept that works well in small spaces, allowing access to the shower without obstacles or even a threshold.

Simple, user-friendly choices

The design of this bathroom is very simple. It’s a bare bathroom, with no window or shower curtains, and no superfluous accessories. Horizontal windows provide plenty of natural light while protecting the occupants’ privacy. The linear wood countertop adds a warm touch to this Zen concept. The horizontal mirror also does a good job of visually enlarging the space and increasing the brightness of the area.

We carried out this work as part of a more complete renovation project, including an extension where the bathroom was located.

6- Boucherville: Saying “goodbye” to the podium bath of the 1980s

The podium baths from the ’80s took up a lot of space, and access to them was impractical for cleaning or washing children. The owners of this house had hardly used it for years. Instead, they dreamed of a pleasant shower and an easily accessible bathtub.

A more functional space

By removing the podium bath, we were able to free up enough space to create a spacious shower and a bathtub that are both attractive, practical and comfortable.

Our designer is familiar with all types of bathroom, with their advantages and disadvantages. We’re here to give you practical advice and help you make the right investment in your work