2019 Kitchen trends: optimizing the available space

Construction costs constantly increase over the years. That’s why it is important to optimize the surface available in the kitchen to avoid building too big unnecessarily. There is now a panoply of practical accessories and specialized hardware that make kitchens more functional. Although, faced with the profusion of ideas, it is good to have a design consultant who can sees in the long term without falling into useless gadgets.

The pantry

With the popularity of supermarkets such as Costco, walk-in pantries have been in demand for a few years. Their storage capacity makes it possible to buy wholesale and save on grocery bills. An extra freezer is sometimes inserted to store frozen ready-meals or single servings homemade frozen food. However, when the house does not have the required space, the vertical pantry with sliding drawers often makes it possible to store food while making it accessible and at a lower cost than major work.

The Magic accessories

Among the good choices of accessories, the “Magic Corner” is very popular. It allows easy access to the corner space in the lower cabinets. This is a clear improvement over the traditional rotating “Lazy Susan”. The space under the sink is also one of the most difficult places to access. The tilting storage and sliding drawers under the sink form an efficient duo for a neat and fast storage.Similarly, the retractable stool inserted in the kickboard of the cabinets is a real “invisible” accessory for quick accesses to the top shelves.

Discreet, refined and silent cabinet doors

From the outside, we cannot perceive the multiplication of accessories. On the contrary, cabinet doors are getting smoother and more discreet. Sometimes even the handles are indiscernible. The current standard remains the Shaker-style doors with elongated “C” handles, but there are more and more smooth, handle-less doors where “U” shaped vertical profiles and “L” shaped horizontal profiles are used to open the doors. This handles-free approach is a sleek and streamlined choice that is expected to grow in 2019.

Likewise, full-extension hinges with dampers that quietly closes the doors are now in great demand.

Practical, even indispensable accessories

The kitchen is where the vast majority of recyclable or compostable waste is produced. Selective bins then become essential to better manage those waste.

Spices storage has also become increasingly necessary with the proliferation of spices in our diet. These storages can be found in various forms ranging from horizontal or vertical drawer to many storage doors.

Sinks and faucets

With the trend of quartz countertops, under-counter sinks installed under the counter are very appreciated for their ease of maintenance.
As for taps, bar type faucets remain sought after for their aesthetics and functionality. The addition of contactless activation also makes it easy to wash hands without dirtying the faucets with each use.

Spoiled for choice

Individually, all these accessories can be very useful, but each choice can cause restriction on the making of your project. Do not hesitate to meet us to plan your entire project.