Kitchen design trend

In general, a contemporary design with clean lines remains the first choice. Horizontal doors and drawers, simple, without moldings, are current. Although, we are also seeing a return to a more traditional design, a return to wood and glass or molded doors.

We seek as much integrated storage as possible, we want to maximize space. In this vein, organized storage walls and walk-in pantries, more spacious, larger than life, are gaining strength in the design of new kitchens.

The cabinets

Wood has been the big winner in kitchens for a number of years, and this is undeniable for the kitchen of 2022. We love it in all its species, light or darker, birch or walnut, in all styles, contemporary or rustic chic. Always an excellent choice, wood is strong and durable. It can be painted, dyed or left natural depending on trend and use. It is also the most ecological material from manufacturing to recycling. However, wood remains more expensive than other products.

For look and durability purposes, melamine and thermoplastic cabinets will remain choices to avoid. Melamine products are not very resistant to shocks, while panels covered with thermoplastic resist poorly to steam and heat.

Laminate remains a good economical and durable choice, both for countertops and backsplashes, but since it is often associated with melamine, it is sometimes overlooked.

Lacquered MDF, although a quality product, is overlooked due to its high level of luster. In 2022, forget the gloss of cabinets and backsplashes, it’s the matte finish that’s in. No more fingerprints or grease on shiny cupboard doors. Matte fronts are easier to clean and stains are less apparent.

The handles

With a steady decline in demand over the past few years, chrome finish for cabinet handles is OUT in 2022. Its shimmering color, and therefore the ease with which it gets dirty, makes it a less and less popular solution. Matte black or brass finish are preferred. For an even more minimalist touch, opt for cabinets without handles with “touch to open” systems, concealed handgrips or recessed handle systems.

The faucets

Max Larocque Construction rénovation de salle de bain

Still in this year, matt black and gold faucets are becoming more and more popular.

We also see more and more white fittings appearing. Although surprising at first, this choice turns out to be sensible since it is much easier to maintain than the other colors. Indeed, the famous water and lime stains appear much less.

The countertops

Natural stones are still popular. However, marble is taking over quartz in 2022 trends due to its more natural appearance. Quartz is still an excellent choice. On the other hand, we forget the too speckled, brownish or orange granites that seem to come out of the kitchens of the 1980s. In addition, the cut of the counters must be square. No more rounded corners or “o-gee” style which, in addition to being more expensive, are far from timeless.

The accessories


For the countertops, we try even more to conceal everything that is normally found on the work surfaces in order to offer a refined kitchen. All that is not aesthetic (toaster, coffee maker and other items) are integrated into the storage in cabinets specially designed to accommodate these specific items. Breakfast zone are increasingly present in kitchens. Hidden behind built-in doors, accessible during meals, then concealed as soon as used. This clever and practical storage is currently in great demand.

Another fashionable solution is to dedicate or create, when the layout of the kitchen allows it, a walk-in pantry with work surfaces designed to accommodate small appliances. These two options will allow you to obtain an immaculate kitchen!

In order to make the right choices so that your kitchen represents you, according to your tastes and your specific needs, contact our design team who will be happy to guide you in your project.